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Performance Monitoring Hub System (PMHS)

BSMART Bus Service Operation (b’BSO) provides seamless integrated bus operation services within Fleet Operations, Driver Management, Commuter Management, Depot Management, Operation Centre, Electronic Fare Management System and other Support Operations. With b’BSO, Bus Operators can leverage on BSMART to achieve measurable improvements in operation efficiency by optimising utilisation rate and effectiveness, enhance safety and security, realised large cost savings while providing high quality services to both customers and drivers.

b’BSO strategy is to deliver optimisation of utilisation rates and trips made through efficient deployment and improve Bus Schedule Adherence via BSMART Management Console to proper fleet planning and management.

b’BSO improved processes that capitalise on automation (i.e. seat reservation, online ticketing, micropayment system, fleet deployment, maintenance, commuter information system at bus stop, etc) and therefore eliminate or reduce uncertainty in bus schedule adherence, which impact commuter satisfaction levels. With BSMART Telematics Platform (b’TP), Bus Operators can centralise their Operation Centre to handle reservations and deployment (with single view of fleet) as well as achieve transparency over fleet & driver performance visibility.

b’BSO improves customer service and satisfaction by enhancing and complementing operational processes, which provide crucial support for informed decisions and consistent management.

BSMART Managed b’BSO Strategy

Complex operations
through computerization

Various sub-systems
to reduce error & delay

Information technology
for seamless accessibility
anytime, anywhere

BSMART b’BSO Continuous Improvement Strategy