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Commercial Vehicle Operation (b’CVO)

BSMART Commercial Vehicle Operation (b’CVO) provides seamless integrated commercial vehicle operation services within Fleet Operations, Security Operations, Carrier Operations and Support Operations. With b’CVO, Commercial Vehicle Operators (CVO) can leverage on BSMART to achieve measurable improvements in operation efficiency and effectiveness, enhance safety and security, realize large cost savings while providing high quality services to its customers globally.

BSMART believes the managed services program will save CVO all the hassle of technology upkeep while avoiding complex maintenance, but allow CVO to focus on the business services and application to satisfy its customer needs. At the same time, this cost effective approach provides the opportunity to improve communication and information sharing between CVO, its suppliers and customers for an improved integration and excellent service quality.

Complex operations
through computerization

Various sub-systems
to reduce error & delay

Information technology
for seamless accessibility
anytime, anywhere

Security Operations
• Vehicle Tracking
• Asset Tracking
• Remote Immobilization
• Geo-Fencing Violation Compliance

Fleet Operations
• Automatic Vehicle Location
• Computer Aided Scheduling and Dispatching
• Route Planning
• Fleet Maintenance

Carrier Operations
• 2 ways Messaging
• In-Transit Visibility Report
• Shipment Monitoring Report
• Insightful KPI Report

Services Operations
• 24X7 hours Monitoring Services
• 24X7 Call Center Support
• 24X7 Call Emergency Response Support
• Theft Recovery Service

b’CVO focuses on Fleet Security and operation services and KPI reporting and analysis. b’CVO is capable of delivering the following advantages to

Increased Fleet Security
• Fleet is fully secured during transit
• Full accountability
• Container Door can only open when it is at the right destination, with the right electronic Key and within the right period of time

Improved Service Quality
• Improve reliability
• Increase operational flexibility
• Improve user and customer confidence

Increased Operational Efficiency & Productivity
• Reduce errors, wasted effort, and re-work
• Optimize assignment of equipment and people
• Optimize across functional areas
• Reduce slack capacity and inventory

Enhanced Service Integrity
• Better transparency
• Mitigate information losses in progress
• Enhance safety
• Reduce paper work

Seaport / Airport




Seaport / Airport


• Real Time Visibility
• Computer-aided Scheduling & Dispatching
• Transport Management System Integration
• Secure Route Management

• Remote Immobilisation & Theft Recovery Services
• Electronic Proof of Delivery
• Intelligent Real Time SMS / Email Alert Services
• 24-hours Monitoring Services