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Electronic Cargo Tracking System

BSMART Electronic Cargo Tracking (b’ECT) is a heavy duty electromagnetic lock integrated with comprehensive commercial vehicle operation services to enable seamless automation of Cargo Operations, Security Operations, Carrier Operations and Support Operations.

Cargo Operations

Security Operations

Carrier Operations

Support Operations

b’ECT revolutionising technology provides not only physical lock to safeguard cargo in transit from being stolen or accessed without authorisation but also integrates with CCTV surveillance system to enable complete real time in-transit visibility. b’ECT not only secures the cargo and provide real time in transit visibility, it also ensure accountability of the related personnel who loads and offloads the cargo with specific key that can only close and open the container door. Hence, it indirectly removes the potential risk from the driver.

b’ECT security level is further heighten by its capability to manage the container door opening based on:

• Right location
• Right time period
• Right contacted type of 64bits digital key

Additionally, BSMART Customer Service Centre operates on a 24X7 basis to secure routine monitoring, fraud prevention and improve accountability. BSMART works closely with the Customer to realize improvements in Cargo security and logistic efficiency.

b’ECT platform is protected by multiple patents, design and trademark applications and, it is wholly designed by in-house engineers. The system’s intelligence, both from a hardware perspective with its unique Front End Intelligence and from a software perspective with its web-enabled KPI and reporting capabilities allows companies in the logistics sector to immediately realise key efficiencies and improvements.

Seaport / Airport




Seaport / Airport


• Real Time Visibility
• Computer-aided Scheduling & Dispatching
• Transport Management System Integration
• Secure Route Management

• Remote Immobilisation & Theft Recovery Services
• Electronic Proof of Delivery
• Intelligent Real Time SMS / Email Alert Services
• 24-hours Monitoring Services

b’ECT is a subscription based service program. The core value lies in providing our customers with peace of mind as far as mobility technology is concerned with a complete system and support, and zero upfront investment. Customers are able to leverage BSMART as their strategic technology partner, saving them the hassle of technology upkeep and, avoiding complex and expensive in-house maintenance. BSMART’s platform thus minimizes financial risk, allowing the customer to improve operations efficiency and effectiveness, and drastically lowering their total cost of ownership. This allows them to focus on their core competencies and business services.

b’ECT focuses on Cargo Security and operation services and KPI reporting and analysis. b’ECT is capable of delivering the following advantages to customers:

24 Hours / 7 Days Online Live Support

Electronic Cargo Tracking System (ECTS) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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Regional Electronic Cargo Tracking System (RECTS)

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Increased Cargo Security
• Cargo is fully secured during transit
• Full accountability
• Container Door can only open when it is at the right destination, with the right electronic Key and within the right period of time

Improved Service Quality
• Improve reliability
• Increase operational flexibility
• Improve user and customer confidence

Increased Operational Efficiency & Productivity
• Reduce errors, wasted effort, and re-work
• Optimize assignment of equipment and people
• Optimize across functional areas
• Reduce slack capacity and inventory

Enhanced Service Integrity
• Better transparency
• Mitigate information losses in progress
• Enhance safety
• Reduce paper work

Addition benefits of b’ECT include:
• To assure integrity of conveyance loading and documentation
• To reduce risk of tampering in transit significantly
• To improve accurate, complete & timely information about shipments
• To potentially reduce reckless drivers causing traffic problems
• To increase daily income by being able to receive more jobs
• To enhance Cargo safety and security due to better traceability of vehicle in-transit.

Quality through improving in-transit efficiency by shortening waiting time
allowing for more efficient real time job order automation.

• To enhance Cargo safety and security due to better traceability of vehicle
• To ensure public complaint traceability and validate ability since Commercial Vehicle movements are comprehensively traced.
•To provide expertise and integration capability with ASYCUDA, ASYCUDA++ and ASYCUDA World.

ECTS Overview

Electronic Cargo Tracking System
Electronic cargo tracking is the monitoring of the movement of cargo using electronic means
Revenue Authority Requirements
To improve the movement of cargo through real time/relevant time monitoring of the location of cargo and the status of seals. This solution involves geo-fencing designated transit routes so that an alert is activated when there is diversion from the route.
How ECTS will benefit the Revenue Authority
Short TermLong Term
  • To monitor cargo and to provide cargo information on real and relevant time basis
  • To record events and playback of such event information for sharing with authorized stakeholders.
  • To provide reports/information on the status of trucks (tampered with or secure) on a real time basis.
  • To send real time alerts and short messages in the event of any breach of the system operations and components.
  • To identify illegal diversion of goods which are under Customs control
  • Improved government revenue
  • Improved transit times
  • Real-time consignment tracking as opposed to manual tracking
  • Transparency
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