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Fleet Management System (b’FMS)

BSMART Fleet Management System (b’FMS), use Global Positioning Satellites to locate, monitor, and track vehicles. Tracking devices can help monitor children, spouses, fleet vehicles and security forces, and locate overdue or missing vehicles. Real time vehicle GPS devices let you know where a vehicle is now and our GPS loggers let you know where a vehicle has been. Keep track of your vehicles or equipment to improve productivity, accountability, dispatching efficiency, routing and much more.

Our vehicle trackers enhance fleet management for corporations and provide better protection for your own personal vehicles. Get the additional information about vehicle activity that you need with our advanced tracking systems. Track your car or truck from the convenience of your computer with our real time or remote access systems. Data logger style models can be retrieved from a vehicle to reveal the driving habits and whereabouts of your assets.

Complex operations
through computerization

Various sub-systems
to reduce error & delay

Information technology
for seamless accessibility
anytime, anywhere

b’FMS are satellite-based systems driven by a series of at least 4 geo-synchronous satellites continuously transmitting their position. This data is integrated into our our advanced tracking devices. These enhanced trackers provide information crucial to locating and viewing travel paths and whereabouts of your teen, spouse, company assets and government resources.

Automatic vehicle location technologies with our b’FMS services provide information that wasn’t previously available. Whether you need to know where your teen, spouse, company car or fleet truck is or has been, our tracking devices are great for all purposes. No more wondering or worrying! b’FMS services also provide protection against thieves.

BSMART Managed Fleet Management System

Optional b’FMS Chargeable Features:
• Driver Recognition
• Local Immobilization
• Remote Immobilization
• Portable Tracking and Tracing
• SMS Alert
• Journey Traveling Report
• Driving Behaviour Compliance Report
• Services Reminder Report (maintenance / insurance / service due reminder)
• Real Time Cross Countries Tracking and Tracing (track and trace the stolen vehicle even in other countries)
• Remote listening capability (dial in to spy listen to the car theft communication when vehicle is stolen)

Target Industry:
• Insurance Telematics
• Remote Diagnostic
• Maintenance Reminder
• Track and Trace
• Electronic Road Pricing
• Congestion Charges
• Traffic Probe