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Bus, Student Tracking and Attendance Solution

B’Smart is an integrated child and school bus tracking and monitoring solution that ensures children’s safety and security while they travel to school and back. This is a “peace-of-mind solution” that takes into account concerns of parents, school authorities, school bus fleet owners and school bus drivers.

This system focuses on school bus management with the development of school bus field. Now, almost all schools have their own bus, transporting students for going school and leaving for home. When they get on the bus, school shall be responsible for them. So it is necessary to use this system to keep track and monitor of them

B’Smart School Bus Tracker is Student/Staff on Bus and school Tracking/Attendance Solution is of immense use and application to the educational institutes. The concept is based on Smart Active RFID+GPS+GPRS+ Camera +Software solution which is unique and is Future Efficient. We provide the end to end solution which includes the hardware, the necessary software, SMS alerts, installation and maintenance of the equipment, the backend server and support. The school will be given necessary access to view/get the reports/administrative access. Parents also can be provided limited access as per the institute’s desire.

Safety every way you look at it

When the institute opts for our technology, they are powered with easy access. The School Bus Tracker Buses and school gate are powered with a sense to identify individuals who enter and exit the Bus and school gate from their specified destinations. There is no swiping involved. The student just needs to wear the tag and enter/exit the bus as usual. That is why our solution is hassle free. The information is sent to parents/dear ones immediately. The purpose is to keep parents, teachers and School administration aware, stress free and though far feel at close range with their children, all in perfect harmony for the Smarter School.

Features of the Solution

SMS Alerts to parents/dear ones: During pick-up:

  • SMS Alert 1 – Bus Approaching alert. An SMS alert is sent to the parents/designated mobile number before the bus reaches the pickup point. The SMS timing can be customized. This would alert them to get ready to leave their homes to the Bus Stop.
  • SMS Alert 2 – On Board alert. An SMS alert is sent to the parent’s /designated mobile number when the student/staff is on board the bus.
  • SMS Alert 3 – Alight from the bus alert. An SMS alert is sent to the parent’s /designated mobile number when the student/staff is Alight the bus at school.
  • SMS Alert 4 – Reached school alert. An SMS is sent to the parent’s/designated mobile number when the student/staff inter the school gate.

During drop:

  • SMS Alert 1 – Left school alert. An SMS is sent to the parent’s/designated mobile number when the student/staff exit from the school gate.
  • SMS Alert 2 – On Board alert. An SMS alert is sent to the parent’s /designated mobile number when the student/staff is on board the bus.
  • SMS Alert 3 – Bus Approaching alert. An SMS alert is sent to the parent’s mobile /designated before the bus reaches the dropping point. The SMS timing can be customized.
  • SMS Alert 4 – Alight alert. An SMS alert is sent to the parent’s mobile /designated mobile number after the student alights the bus.

Camera Image Capturing:
The camera integrated with the system captures images of students/Staff inside the moving bus and transmits these images to the user / admin. The camera can be triggered in the following ways;

  • Automated Periodical Image Capture: The camera automatically captures images of students inside the moving bus periodically.
  • Manual Image Capture: Images inside the moving bus can be captured in case of occurrence of unexpected events.

Web Interface facility:

  • Attendance report of students/teachers travelling in the bus.
  • Attendance report of students/teachers entering in the School gate.
  • The admin/transport manager can have a live view of all the bus movements via the web link.
  • The parents /dear ones can have a live view of the particular bus in which their ward is travelling.
  • The other information available are:
  • Current Stop Status
  • Speed of the bus (over-speeding alerts, etc.)
  • Distance travelled.
  • Number of Hours the Bus covers in a day from start to finish.
  • Bus trip start time and end time
  • Geo-fence: Get an alert as soon as the bus leaves a certain area.
  • Geo-tagging*: Each bus stop is marked on map to know bus position relative to school stops.
  • Speed estimates: Get average and real time speed.
  • Over speeding Alerts: Set a target speed and get alert on over speed. Also, get a history of all such alerts.

Historical Report: Traveled History, Non Traveled ( Idle Time) History, Over Speed History, Performance Report, AC History Report, Traveled Summary Report, Travels Distance Report, Traveled rout details. Maintenances Report and many more We can customize other reports as per the inputs given by the administration which will help them in improving their efficiency of the Fleet and student Management.

Advantages of the solution

To students/staff:
Prior intimation to students/staff that bus is approaching pickup point. This ensures that students/staff are on-time at the pickup point.

  • No chance of missing child and out of sight.
  • Alerts when child enter into a wrong bus.
  • Gives alerts when bus leaves a certain area.
  • Exact location of the child bus
  • Alert sms any emergency condition occurs

To bus driver/conductor:

  • The bus driver/conductor adopt a common trend of dialing a missed call to the students/staff before the bus reaches the pickup point. TheB’Smart approaching SMS takes care of this issue and helps the driver concentrate on driving rather than diverting his attention by dialing missed call to students/staff.
  • As the students/staff are on time at the bus stop, the driver can maintain the time schedule for the next pickup points and reaching school. This eliminates the general concern of over-speeding to make up for lost time.
  • The driver/conductor are relieved of the stress of communication which they undergo currently but are unable to express as they have unwillingly accepted the communication as part of their duty.

To parents/dear-ones:

  • Track, monitor and view your children
  • peace of mind
  • Gives alerts when school bus delays before it reaches to its stop.
  • Gives alerts if bus is in traffic jam or stopped anywhere.
  • SMS alerts to parents/dear-ones informing them that student has;

Boarded the bus at pickup with timings and Location
Reached school with timings
Left from school with timings
Alighted bus at drop with timings and Location

To school administration:

  • School bus, Rout and Student Management system
  • Track the location of the bus and audit pick and drop
  • Track, monitor and view your children
  • Monitor the misuse of school buses and their fuel, thereby lowering transportation fees for parents
  • Monitor unsafe driving and poor/rash drivers
  • Improve protection by speed control, speed alerts, developing geo-fences and redirecting the vehicles away from accidents.
  • Reduce Operational costs by decreasing petrol consumption, monitoring on-board engine diagnostics, automating driver logs, timesheets and many more.
  • Analyzed in real time for violations, accidents, traffic jams, over-speeding, etc.,
  • Monitored for speed, fuel, route, stop and other changes,
  • Scrutinized in real time to detect missing, truant or absent children
  • Converted into SMS alerts that are sent to parents, authorities and transporters
  • Stored or emailed as historical MIS reports for offline analysis

How It Work

How It Helps

Safety : Track all buses in real-time so parents can be notified of the actual arrival time of the buses, minimizing the time children have to wait, exposed to bad weather or other dangers. Alerts can also be set up so that fleet managers receive a message the instant buses enter a no-go zone, or drivers engage in unsafe driving.

Cost-savings : Monitor bus driving patterns to make sure drivers operate their vehicles efficiently, eliminating unnecessary idling, observing speed limits and not taking detours. And because GPS tracking is considered as an anti-theft device by most insurance companies, you can save on insurance premiums, too.

Time : Avoid time-consuming manual collection of fleet activity needed for state reports and compliance . With GPS tracking this information is automatically collected and reported, which saves time and minimizes errors for both drivers and fleet managers.

Better Maintenance : Improve the regularity and timeliness of preventative maintenance with automatic GPS tracking on vehicles. Know in advance when bus servicing is due to minimize downtime and unwanted breakdowns, as well as allowing sufficient time to schedule substitute buses. Accurate mileage tracking also means better warranty recovery another cost saving.

Environmental accountability: Optimize routing and track engine idling to minimize your impact on the environment, trim pollutant emissions, and reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint. Proudly report on your ‘green fleet’ metrics to shareholders, parents, the DOE or OPT (Office of Pupil Transportation), making your school bus fleet more likely to be the vendor of choice.

Tender successfully : >GPS tracking doesn’t just make a school bus fleet more profitable; students, parents and government agencies also benefit. By highlighting the benefits of real-time GPS tracking, school bus companies can tender for service contracts more successfully, with a greater chance of winning valuable routes.

Hardware Requirement

1. JT-500 GPS Tracker Built in 2.4G Active receiver
2. RFID Reader for driver
3. RFID Card for Driver
4. 2.4G RFID Active Card for Student
5. 2.4G RFID Active Directional Reader for School Gate
6. Data Terminal for School Gate
7. Camera for School Bus

Software Requirement

B’Smart online Bus, Student/Staff and School Gate Monitoring, Tracking & Management Software Platform