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Business Opportunities

International Distributors

Partners in Developing the Best Mobility Solutions
We extend and enhance our own significant mobility solution capabilities by partnering with a network of reliable local and international companies who specialise in system integration and product distribution and referencing.

Together we draw on a multitude of product and application expertise, global support solutions and technology choices — all delivered when and where you need it. BSMART’s investment in partnering yields the greatest flexibility to provide the best tailor-made customer solutions.

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Solution Providers

Systems integrators are an important component in achieving our commitment to creating successful relationships with our customers. We offer several levels of program participation. However, companies that truly possess the knowledge, resources and skills required to deliver the best solutions are offered the BSMART Solution Provider designation.

Customers can feel confident choosing a BSMART Solution Provider because each must possess high corporate standards, financial stability, and competency on BSMART technology as well as commitment to the BSMART Solution Provider partnership.

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Be Our Agent

Third parties who manufacture and distribute products that complement the products and services of BSMART’s global brand are part and parcel of our daily operations.

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